Libertarian Party Now Officially Recognized In Oklahoma

Mar 21, 2016

The Libertarian Party is now an officially recognized political group in Oklahoma.  

Credit K Latham /

Libertarians submitted 42,182 signatures from a petition drive to become a formal political party in Oklahoma. The State Election Board certified about 30,500, and Board Secretary Paul Ziriax says that’s more than enough.

“That means that the Libertarians can now run candidates for office. Oklahomans can register to vote Libertarian. It also means that the Libertarian Party will receive a ballot line for president and vice president in November’s general election,” Ziriax said.

He says the change provides another option for unaffiliated Oklahomans.

“They will allow independents to vote in their primary and runoff elections. So if you’re a registered independent, you also will have the choice of voting in the primary and runoff elections for the Libertarian Party.”    

Oklahoma is a closed primary state, but Democrats announced last year independents would be able to vote in their party nominating contests.

The deadline to register as a Libertarian before June’s primary is March 31.

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