Rehab Work Camps, Ralph Shortey, Confederate Monuments: KGOU's Top Oklahoma Stories of 2017

Dec 29, 2017

2017 was a whirlwind year for news all over the world, and Oklahoma was no exception.  Between two special legislative sessions, politicians accused and convicted of sexual misconduct, and investigations into rehab work camps, KGOU and our news partners rarely got a break.  Here's a look back at our top local stories of the year, featuring contributions from the Journal Record, Oklahoma Watch, StateImpact Oklahoma and Reveal and KGOU.

Autopsies Reveal A March Of Infant Deaths Tied To Unsafe Sleeping

Credit Jeff Raymond / Oklahoma Watch

An Oklahoma Watch investigation by Mollie Bryant and Jeff Raymond found that co-sleeping and other unsafe sleeping practices lead to 12 percent of infant deaths from 2014 to 2016.

They Thought They Were Going To Rehab. They Ended Up In Chicken Plants

Credit Gabriel Hongsdusit / Reveal

Reveal's Amy Julia Harris and Shoshana Walter investigated judge-mandated rehab programs that required recovering addicts to work for free.

For Those With Storm Anxiety, Just The Threat Of Bad Weather Can Be Agonizing

Credit Nomin Ujiyediin / KGOU

KGOU's Nomin Ujiyediin spoke with mental health experts and meteorologists about tornado season's effect on Oklahomans' mental health.

Proposed Electric Vehicle Fee Stirs Resentment Among Oklahoma Owners

Credit Logan Layden / StateImpact Oklahoma

Stateimpact Oklahoma's Logan Layden explored how a proposed fee could affect electric car owners in the state.

Oklahoma Priest Stanley Rother To Be Beatified In Oklahoma City

Credit Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

KGOU's Jacob McCleland reported on the Catholic Church honoring one of Oklahoma's own.

New Roadside Scanner Contract Brings Uninsured Drivers Closer To Automatic Tickets

Credit katsrcool /

A program intended to reduce the high rates of uninsured drivers in the state could also bring in millions of dollars in revenue for district attorneys' offices.  Ben Botkin reported for Oklahoma Watch.

How A Recent Court Decision Could Affect Casinos On Tribal Lands

Credit Courtesy photo / Journal Record

KGOU's Jacob McCleland interviewed the Journal Record's Molly Fleming about tribal jurisdiction.

As Cities Remove Confederate Monuments, Cherokees Grapple With Civil War Past

Credit Jacob McCleland / KGOU

The Cherokee Nation debated what to do with a monument honoring slaveowner and general Stand Watie.  Jacob McCleland reported from Tahlequah.

State Sen. Ralph Shortey Charged With 3 Prostitution-Related Felonies

Credit Sue Ogrocki / AP

In a story that made national headlines, former State Sen. Ralph Shortey was found in a Moore motel room with an underage boy. Jacob McCleland helped cover the story for KGOU.

Nurse Practitioners Stuck In The Middle Of Opioid Dilemma

Credit Brent Fuchs / Journal Record

KGOU's Jacob McCleland interviewed the Journal Record's Sarah Terry-Cobo about pain relief treatments that are alternatives to opioids.

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