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Checking In On The New Health Insurance Marketplaces

Screenshot from the home page of the Washington Health Plan Finder.
Screenshot from the home page of the Washington Health Plan Finder.

This week, the online insurance marketplaces created by the new health care law launched across the country. Here & Now checks in on Washington state, where the new marketplace is called the Washington Health Plan Finder.

The site acts as an application portal for Medicaid, in addition to selling competing insurance plans with federal subsidies.

Washington is one of the states that has expanded its Medicaid coverage, allowing people who make a little more money than the original threshold to qualify.

Carrie Vanzant is the regional vice president of medical operations at Sea Mar Community Health Centers — the largest community health center in the state, serving 14 counties.

Sea Mar had a million doctors visits last year, 40 percent with uninsured patients.

To assist with the insurance sign-up, Sea Mar has opened computer kiosks at several of its locations, and is providing navigators to assist members of the community through the complicated system.

Here & Now speaks with Carrie Vanzant about how things are going.


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