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#NPRNOTY: Number(s) of the Year

34.6 Million weekly listeners for all NPR stations. #NPRNOTY

Over the past few weeks, NPR News has been running a special series to explore the ideas and trends of 2013: Number of the Year.

We've asked our guests, our colleagues, and our community to tell us which number, no matter how big or small, defined their year. The responses have been incredible, ranging from the hilarious to the heartfelt — and everything in between. You've shared fascinating, and often personal, insights into what its like to be alive in 2013. Thank you for that.

We wanted to round up the year by joining in to share a few of the numbers that defined our organization.


34. 6 million: Weekly listeners.

Each week, 34.6 million listeners tune in to all NPR stations to listen to our news magazines and programming. That means you! Thanks for listening.

849: Member stations.

89 member stations
Joanna Pawlowska / NPR

We have 849 sweet partners across the US that play a pivotal role in bringing you NPR content each and every day.

17: International bureaus.

17 international bureaus #NPRNOTY
Joanna Pawlowska / NPR

You'll find our team across the globe, reporting on what's happening, where it's happening. We have 17 international bureaus in 16 countries.

43: Years of operation.

43 years old #NPRNOTY
Joanna Pawlowska / NPR

We turned 43 years old this year! Learn more about NPR's history here.

Infinite: Amounts of gratitude for your support.

Infinite gratitude for the support of our listeners #NPRNOTY
Joanna Pawlowska / NPR

There is no end to our gratitude for each one of you (all 34.6 million). You make the work that we do at NPR possible. Thank you for making us part of your lives.

If you still haven't shared your Number of the Year, we'd love to hear it. Leave us your number and its story in a comment below, or tweet it to @NPR with hashtag #NPRNOTY.

Copyright 2021 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.

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