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Pope Francis, Changing (A Few) Minds On Social Media


We asked people to share some of their reactions to the visit of Pope Francis over WEEKEND EDITION's Facebook page and my Twitter account. Linda Brandt Bevac said on Facebook, he has helped me to fully understand the importance of mercy, compassion and forgiveness, while at the same time holding to fundamental truths of what sin is.

Michael Bauer said, on Twitter I listened, and I was moved to think differently about abortion and immigration. But Philly Crosby said on Facebook, the pope is the face of a massive public relations campaign launched to combat the flailing image of an organization awash in scandal, not least of all the sexual abuse entrenched in its culture.

Greg Hill said, making Junipero Serra a saint is just disgraceful. It makes his speeches hypocritical. Chris Keppler said on Twitter, Pope Francis reminds us of life's priorities. Americans and world yearn for moral leadership. And Bill McConkey, whose father was an Illinois state trooper killed on duty, said, because of his plea in Congress, I have consciously - this day - changed my position on the death penalty. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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