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Top Stories: Ferguson Reviews Court Agreement; More On Yesterday's Voting

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- 5 Headlines That Explain Tuesday's Primary Results In Michigan And Beyond.

-- Ferguson Council Revives Deal On Courts And Police, Plans A Vote.

And here are more early headlines:

North Korea Claims It Can Fit Small Nuclear Bombs On Missiles. (CNN)

Japanese Court Orders 2 Nuclear Reactors Shut Down. (AFP)

Australia Reviewing Agreement To Return Asylum-Seekers To Iran. (Guardian)

Very Heavy Rain Expected For Southern Plains, Central Gulf Coast. (NWS)

CDC Director Visits Puerto Rico To Discuss Zika Challenges. (Reuters)

Suspect Wanted In 5 Shooting Deaths In Kansas, Missouri, Is Arrested. (Kansas City Star)

Last Year's Iditarod Winner, Dallas Seavey, Currently Leading Race. (Iditarod.com)

Google's Artificial Intelligence Program Beats "Go" Grandmaster. (Korea Times)

Famed Beatles Producer, George Martin, Dies At 90. (USA Today)

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