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President Obama To Honor Sept. 11 Victims In Pentagon Speech

TED OLSON: From time to time, I do go to the ceremonies at the Pentagon. Every day, I try not to let the significance of that day consume me. Turns out that this Sunday, I'm getting on an airplane and flying to the West Coast. I couldn't avoid it because of a case that I'm handling. But I'd just as soon not do that. It would be nice to just stay at home and enjoy the backyard, but you can't always do that.


That was Ted Olson, solicitor general under President George W. Bush. As we heard, his wife Barbara Olson was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. Earlier today, a moment of silence was observed there to honor those who died in the Pentagon attack.


MARTIN: President Obama and Defense Secretary Ash Carter both spoke at the memorial ceremony at the Pentagon. And in New York, the reading of the names continues.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: Michael Desmond McCarthy. And my brother Richard Avery Aronow - we miss you, Richard. We love you. We wish you were here. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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