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Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Assistant Conductor Shares His Summer Playlist

Jonathan Rush, an assistant conductor for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, joins host Robin Young to talk about what he’s listening to this summer.

“Fate Now Conquers” by Carlos Simon

Watch on YouTube.

“Coincident Dances” by Jesse Montgomery

Watch on YouTube.

“Petite Suite de Concert” by Samuel Coleridge Taylor

“Control” by Jared Jenkins

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“Jireh” by Maverick City Music

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“Rhapsody in G Minor” by Johannes Brahms

“Symphony No. 7” by Ludwig Van Beethoven

“DANCE” by Anna Clyne

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“Destined Words” by James Lee III

“Build Your Home” by Rashard Wright

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Conductor Jonathan Rush. (Photo by Ocken Photography)
Conductor Jonathan Rush. (Photo by Ocken Photography)

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