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Emily Ratajkowski On Modeling, Ownership Of Your Image, And ‘My Body’

You may not recognize Emily Ratajkowski’s name, but you probably know what she looks like.

For the last decade, the model has gone from music videos to feature films to starting an apparel company and, now, to writing a book.

In a collection of essays titled “My Body,” she examines how her appearance has affected her life and career, and what the true cost of selling — and buying back — your image can be.

As she toldThe New York Times:

For Ratajkowski, “My Body” is not just about modeling. “Every woman I know — doesn’t matter what they look like, or if they’ve commodified their image or not — knows what it feels like to be looked at, to be rejected, to get attention for how they look,” she said.

Emily Ratajkowski joins us to discuss “My Body.”

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