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The legacy of disco, decades later

Disco dancers at a London club, 18th November 1977.
Disco dancers at a London club, 18th November 1977.

When you think of “disco,” what comes to mind? Is it the music? Is it the lit-up dance floor? The outfits? Does the word “Revolution” ever come to mind? 

For many,disco musictranscendedthedance floorsof trendy clubs andbecamethe genre of self-expression.But what goes up, must come down. The backlash to the barrage of disco from the music industry forced the genre to evolve. Butdecadeslater, new audiences are still reaching to disco for inspiration.

The new PBS docuseries, “Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution,” airs tomorrow. It dives into the history of the genre and explores the legacy still felt decades later.

Why is the disco era so often dismissed as hedonistic and frivolous, when the genre was embraced by so many?


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