Greg Breslin is the warden of Jackie Brannon Correctional Center.
Quinton Chandler / StateImpact Oklahoma

Five Prison Staff, One Prisoner Test positive For COVID-19

Coronavirus is circulating in state prisons. So far, five Department of Corrections employees and one prisoner have tested positive for Covid-19.

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Updated at 3:10 a.m. ET Tuesday

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved into intensive care at St. Thomas' Hospital in London after days of persistent symptoms, including a fever and a cough, according to British media quoting the prime minister's office.

When Ireland's acting Prime Minister decided to go into politics, he put his medical career behind him. But Leo Varadkar will be working as a doctor once again as the country battles the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Varadkar reregistered as a medical practitioner with Ireland's Health Service Executive in March and will begin work one shift a week.

A federal judge in Oklahoma has issued a temporary order allowing medication abortions and time-sensitive surgical abortions to go forward in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

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President Trump said "we certainly want to try" to lift restrictions on life in the U.S. by April 30 but he made no definitive commitment at a news conference on Monday at the White House.

Trump sought to walk a tightrope between grim warnings about a new spike in fatalities forecast for the coming weeks and upbeat exuberance about how well he said the response is going.

"Tremendous progress has been made in a very short period," Trump said.

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In New York City, as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic continues increasing, officials say the city may have to temporarily bury some of the dead at a public cemetery in Long Island Sound. The death toll in New York City typically averaged 20 to 25 people a day before the outbreak; now it's around 200.

New York City Councilman Mark Levine says that if the death toll doesn't level off soon, the city will likely start doing "temporary interment."

More than 10,000 people have now died from COVID-19 in the U.S., as the coronavirus pandemic's horrible toll hit another milestone on Monday.

The U.S. is reporting more COVID-19 cases than any other country in the world, with nearly 350,000 people testing positive for the coronavirus, according to a COVID-19 dashboard created by Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering, which reports coronavirus numbers in near real time.

Testing: Are Long Waits For Tests And Results Over?

Apr 6, 2020
Nurses place a sample taken from a man who is being tested for the coronavirus into a protective tube at a drive-through testing site in Shawnee on April 2.
Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

Fourteen days. That’s how long Heather Campbell, of Davis, waited for an answer on whether her persistent fever, cough and shortness of breath were due to coronavirus.

In this era of social distancing, few celebrities have carved out a social media presence as appealing as those of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. They're married, so they get to share their isolation — and they've been filling the time with a kindhearted weekly YouTube show they call Some Good News.

Beds: Questions Of Supply For All Patients

Apr 6, 2020
Tents are set up outside of the emergency room at Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City as the hospital prepares for coronavirus patients.
Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

When a patient with COVID-19 is brought to a hospital, they are triaged, isolated and put in a negative pressure room (if it’s available), where air blows in but can’t escape.

Depending on the severity of the infection and patient’s age, they may end up in a succession of  beds.

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Hospitals are trying to make their own disinfectant from in-house chemicals, running low on toilet paper and food, and trying to source face masks from nail salons.