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Chick Corea And SFJAZZ Collective: Live At SFJAZZ

Every year, an all-star assemblage of today's jazz musicians called the SFJAZZ Collective picks a different all-time-great jazz composer to feature. The band then applies its own arrangements to that composer's tunes.

This season, it's pianist Chick Corea, whose "Spain" proves a barnstorming choice to close out the opening-night concert for San Francisco's gleaming new SFJAZZ Center. It's a piece with an epic quality, drawing from Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez and joyous flamenco hoedowns to weave an extended narrative. The only thing that would make it more apropos would be if Corea himself turned up to take a turn on the keys. Well, what do you know...


  • Chick Corea, keyboard
  • Avishai Cohen, trumpet
  • Andre Hayward, trombone
  • David Sánchez, tenor saxophone
  • Miguel Zenón, alto saxophone
  • Stefon Harris, vibraphone
  • Edward Simon, piano
  • Matt Penman, bass
  • Jeff Ballard, drums
  • Credits

    Producers: Anya Grundmann, Mito Habe-Evans, Suraya Mohamed. Audio Engineers: Damond Jacob, Tony Guillory. Videographers: Denise DeBelius, Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, Clare Major. Emcee: Bill Cosby. Special thanks to WBGO, WWOZ and SFJAZZ. Recorded Jan. 23, 2013, at the SFJAZZ Center.

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