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The Music Of Marian McPartland On Piano Jazz

Marian McPartland.
Courtesy of the artist
Marian McPartland.

Of all Marian McPartland's attributes, possibly the most underrated was her ability as a composer. Her piano pieces have entered the jazz repertoire, while some of her songs — with lyrics by such stars as Johnny Mercer, Sammy Cahn and Peggy Lee — have become part of The Great American Songbook.

In honor of McPartland's birthday this week — she would have been 98 — guest host Murray Horwitz leads this expedition through some of her most beautiful works, with performances by Cleo Laine, Sarah Vaughan, the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra and McPartland herself.

Originally broadcast in the fall of 2011.

Set List

  • "Silent Pool" (McPartland)
  • "Twilight World" (McPartland, Mercer)
  • "In The Days Of Our Love" (McPartland, Lee)
  • "Ambiance" (McPartland)
  • "There'll Be Other Times" (McPartland, Jones)
  • "Portrait Of Chick Corea" (McPartland)
  • "Portrait Of Murray Horwitz" (McPartland)
  • "Threnody" (McPartland, Costello)
  • "Melancholy Mood" (McPartland)
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