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A Conversation With Leon Bridges

Credit: Rambo
Credit: Rambo

When Leon Bridges first stepped into the spotlight, you might have thought his music was your grandad’s oldies recorded from half a century ago. Using a soulful sound from the sixties, he captivated listeners everywhere with sounds that might have felt more familiar to older generations than today’s.

Bridges went on to perform at sold-out venues around the country and even won a Grammy. But in the years since he was propelled to stardom, he’s shifted into a more modern sound, using synths and snares to accompany that old-but-gold voice. Now he’s back with “Sweeter,” a song that features producer giant Terrace Martin.

We talk with the Texas-born singer and songwriter about the evolution of his sound and how music can help us understand this moment.

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Avery Kleinman
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