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'Wait Wait' for Jan. 8, 2022: With Not My Job guest astronaut Woody Hoburg

Josh Valcarcel

This week's show was recorded remotely with host Peter Sagal, official judge and scorekeeper Bill Kurtis, Not My Job guest Woody Hoburg and panelists Peter Grosz, Roxanne Roberts and Alonzo Bodden. Click the audio link above to hear the whole show.

Who's Bill This Time
Happy Insurrection Day!; Beltway Parking Lot; NHL HMO

Panel Questions
Laughter Is The Prescribed Medicine

Bluff The Listener
Our panelists tell three stories about advances in dance clubs, only one of which is true.

Not My Job: We ask astronaut Woody Hoburg about Dancing with the StarsWoody Hoburg is one of NASA's newest astronauts, and in contention to be part of the team that goes back to the moon with the Artemis mission. Since he'll be among the stars, soon, we've invited him on to answer three questions about Dancing with the Stars.

Panel Questions
Must Eat TV; John Hancock, M.D.; The Bridge of Cries

Bill Kurtis reads three news-related limericks: Gnarly Geezers, Batman and Christopher Robin, and Spoiled Berries.

Lightning Fill In The Blank
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Our panelists predict what will be found along I-95 in Virginia once the traffic has cleared.

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