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Five Inmates Involved In March Oklahoma County Jail Hostage Charged With Murder

The Oklahoma County Detention Center
Oklahoma Watch
The Oklahoma County Detention Center

Five men detained in the Oklahoma County Detention Center face charges of first and second degree murder as well as assault for their part in a March hostage takeover that ended when Oklahoma City police killed their fellow detainee – Curtis Williams.

The five men did not actually kill Curtis Williams. They are charged with causing police to kill him when they took part in the kidnapping of jail detention officer Daniel Misquez.

Court documents allege one of the men participated in the riot and kidnapping by pouring liquid in front of the doors officers entered to save Misquez.

Another participated by using the officer’s keys to unlock other detainees’ cell doors, and another detainee earned a felony murder charge by using the captured officer’s cell phone to live stream the kidnapping.

Police say he recorded himself giving a list of demands the jail should meet in exchange for Misquez.

One of the five also faces a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

According to a police affidavit, he played an active role in the kidnapping and was filmed stabbing the officer in his thighs while he lay defenseless on a table.

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