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State Superintendent Candidates, Interim Study Looks At Alternative Testing Solutions

Oklahoma State Department of Education

The two candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction say that there is too much testing in the public schools at the same time members of the House Common Education Committee heard similar testimony in an interim study.

The Woodward News reports on a debate between the candidates.

Two candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction agreed Monday that Oklahoma's push for education excellence must return to a system where teachers are allowed to teach education basics instead of teaching to a test. Republican Joy Hofmeister and her opponent Democrat Dr. John Cox made the assertions during each of their individual speeches Monday at the Woodward Chamber of Commerce luncheon in the Pioneer Room.

At the Capitol on Tuesday, the House Common Education Committee looked at ways to reduce state testing requirements during an interim study at the Capitol Tuesday morning.

The study -- H14-025 -- is part of a series of studies combined with H14-049, evaluating the aftermath of Common Core repeal. Representatives heard from educators from Cache Public Schools on ways to adjust or reduce state mandated testing in an effort to alleviate student and teacher testing pressure.

Tammie Reynolds, Cache Public Schools testing coordinator, reviewed state mandated testing with House members and pointed out some suggestions. “If there’s one message we want to get to you is we need more teaching, more mentoring and less of this shutting down and punishing to get a narrow amount of curriculum in kids’ heads just to test for this one thing,”


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