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New report shows Oklahoma ranks second in wind power production growth

Thomas Reaubourg

A new report ranks Oklahoma second in the country in wind power production growth over the last 10 years.

Environment America Research and Policy Center’s report “Renewables on the Rise” shows a significant increase in renewable energy production across the country since 2011. Oklahoma is among the most improved states in wind energy production growth, second only to Texas.

Apart from the environmental benefits, Emma Searson, one of the authors of the report, says this development in renewable energy could have health benefits as well.

"Wind and solar and other clean and renewable resources also help us avoid other kinds of pollution that can be problematic for human health, like air pollution and water pollution that can be associated with the mining and burning of fossil fuels," said Searson.

As of 2020, Oklahoma was able to produce enough wind and solar energy to meet 48% of its electricity demand.

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