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Harmon-y Pediatric Clinic Set To Open

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

TheOklahoma City Indian Clinicis seeing one of its projects come to fruition with the help of television star Mark Harmon. David Toahty, Chief Development officer for the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic credits the fund raising ability of Mark Harmon’s Celebrity Weekend for their new addition.

“Its called the Harmon-y Pediatrics Clinic and its spelled "Harmon" with a dash y and the reason why is because about five years ago, Mark Harmon came in, wanted to do a little benefit for us,” Toahty said.


Harmon's “Celebrity Weekend” has become an annual event in the Oklahoma City area.“He had been with some other charities here in Oklahoma City but he wanted to expand,” Toahty said. “He came across the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic from our good friend Gena Timberman.”


“She put a good word in so they got really interested in hearing about Oklahoma City Indian Clinic and the good work that we do here,” Toahty said. “So they brought their Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend here and they've been throwing the ball, and playing baseball and doing a little bowling and fund raising for us. So with the money that we have raised from those events we were able to build a pediatric center.”


“We've been here on 4913 West Reno for about 18 years now. For about the first 14 years, we were operating out of two exam rooms,” Toahty said.


“So when Mark and his friends came along and started raising money for us we were able to move into a newly renovated building that has 7200 square feet and it has twelve exam rooms. Instead of having one pediatrician like we originally had, now we have four providers altogether,” Toahty said.


“So that's how it all came about. So now after all these long years of fund raising we were now able to open up the facility,” Toahty said.


About 23 percent of the 18,000 patients at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic are all under the age of 17.


“So we see a lot of children through here and they're offered many different services. We see newborns through 17 years of age,” Toahty said. “The children can come in and get their well child checkups. We also have urgent care, they can do their physical examinations, and especially school physical examinations, sports examination.”


“We do immunizations every year. We do them all the time but we make sure that all the kids are up to date on their immunizations so that won't prevent them from getting into school. We also have vision and hearing checks and those are all part of the everyday procedures that we do.


The new pediatric clinic is located just about a tenth of a mile west of the Clinic.


“There was a three story building that came available so we were able to purchase that. We created the second floor, pretty much expanded our pediatric center there, the Harmon-y Pediatric Center,” Toahty said.


“We also put a wellness center on the first floor with Public Health. It really just doubled our space. It came at a perfect time for us since we are still registering about two to three hundred new patients a month.”


David Toahty, Chief Development officer for the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic, is a member of the Pawnee, Kiowa and Muscogee Creek Nations.


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