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Oklahoma Health Care Authority opens SoonerSelect dental plan enrollment

Polina Zimmerman

Select SoonerCare members can now choose between two dental plans that will begin coverage on Feb. 1.

The plans are open to Soonercare members transitioning to SoonerSelect, which includes mainly children, pregnant women and adults in SoonerCare’s expansion group.

SoonerSelect members will get their health care through a network of doctors, dentists and other providers included in different insurance plans. They will have an opportunity to pick between two different dental plans and three health plans.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has contracted with DentaQuest and LIBERTY Dental, who will administer the dental component of SoonerSelect, according to a news release.

The plans are designed to encourage preventative care, reduce the need for high-cost procedures, and expand provider and specialist networks, according to the release. They will cover cleanings, preventative and restorative care, and medically necessary orthodontic services for children under 21.

Plans will also cover the same services currently offered by SoonerCare plus additional benefits without any changes to current eligibility requirements. Health Care Authority Chief Executive Officer Ellen Buettner said in the release the Health Care Authority is thrilled to roll out plans tailored to meet Oklahomans’ health goals.

“With SoonerSelect, Oklahoma prioritizes preventive care and health outcomes of SoonerCare members,” Buettner said in the release. “This innovative approach not only boosts the effectiveness of SoonerCare but also underscores our dedication to achieving better health outcomes."

There are more than 850,000 members transitioning to SoonerSelect, and the Health Care Authority sent them a letter with instructions on how to access plans, compare benefits and make selections, according to the release.

Members have until Jan. 10 to pick a plan, otherwise, the Health Care Authority will enroll them in one on their behalf. The Health Care Authority will provide choice counseling for SoonerSelect members as they choose a plan so they can pick the one that best fits their needs.

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