OU Students Charles McCarrell, Clay Tucker, and Candace Cindell (l-r)
Credit Laura Knoll / KGOU Radio

Open to students enrolled at the University of Oklahoma Spring 2019 Semester

JMC 3011, section 3 – Practicum at KGOU Radio, 1 credit, requires a minimum of 3 hours per week during business hours, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Usually students schedule a three hour shift and other times during their available hours as desired to fulfill their work assignments, which are generally in news, operations/production, operations/community events calendars, and public relations/event administration and advertising. Enrollment is with permission of instructor. (1 credit hour)

JMC 4990/5990, section 25 – Independent Study, 1-3 credits, requires 3 hours per week per credit.
Prior audio production experience is helpful. Outside reading from bibliography required. Must be flexible with hours.

Students in JMC 3011 or JMC 4990/5990 will meet for the first four Fridays at 1:30 pm of the semester for orientation and training, which will count toward the accumulation of weekly hours.

Students will work in one or more of the following areas:

  • Operations/production: write, voice, edit and produce on-air announcements; research and prepare materials for on-air productions, including music programs; and assist program director with compliance.
  • Operations/community events calendars: research, write, voice and produce Community Events Calendars.
  • News: research and write news stories for on-air broadcast; prepare materials for website; photography; and field reporting.
  • Public Relations/event administration and advertising: research and writing for newsletters, website and social media; event planning and assistance; filing and inputting information; advertising design and placement.

Radio News, 3 credits, requires about 15 hours per week of time. (not offered Spring, 2019)
JMC 3653, Section 1
Produce audio stories and features in the public radio style. The class meets each Friday morning at 9:30 and  also has additional lab and meeting time. Over the semester, each member of the class will produce ten (10) radio news stories with accompanying web posts, and three four-to-six minute, highly produced radio stories. Each week, students will be interviewing guests for their stories, writing scripts, meeting with KGOU staff for editing of scripts, and recording and editing their audio story. A maximum of four students per semester. Good writing skills a must. Enrollment is with permission of instructor. (3 credit hours)

KGOU is located in Copeland Hall and has easy access for enrolled students. Contact the General Manager at, or at 325-2222 to set up an appointment to talk about these opportunities.