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Manager's Desk

Farewell To KGOU Students

Archana Heenpella

It is finals week here at the University of Oklahoma, and it means that we say farewell to the student who have been working with us for class credit this spring. 

In the Radio Practicum class, our students were Becca Buckner, Jeremy Choat and Nick Masopust.  These three handled a range of activities including writing, announcing and producing a range content.

In the Radio News class, the student reporters were Molly Evans and Madeline Stebbins.  Their work aired in Assignment Radio, and the last episode will be Sunday, May 11th at noon.

Our paid student staff this spring were Sarah Hurd in the Development Department; Alex Hilton handling all things calendar, and Hayley Thornton as the Assignment Radio producer.  Sarah and Hayley are taking the summer off; Alex will continue during the summer, and we may have a new student in a few more weeks.

We always wish the best for them in the future. 

Thanks!  From the Manager’s Desk, I’m Karen Holp.

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