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Oklahoma City Police Chief Calls For Increased Security Ahead Of Sunday’s Protest

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty
Sue Ogrocki
Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty

Oklahoma City Chief of Police Bill Citty offered his condolences to Dallas police following the deadly attack that killed five officers and injured several others at a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration Thursday.


Speaking in front of a wall honoring fallen officers at the Oklahoma City Police Department Headquarters, Citty said the department has not received any specific threats ahead of a Black Lives Matter protest in Oklahoma CitySunday evening. 


“We support peaceful protesting. We always have. It's the community's right. The community's right to be heard. We want to make sure that those protesters are also secure in what they want to do because they do have a right to do that,” Citty said.

The protest is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Sunday in Bricktown following the shootings of two black men across the country.


Citty said his officers are on heightened alert after Thursday’s attack and ensured the department would take precautionary measures.

“When something like this happens, there's always a concern and we always increase security. Security will have to be enhanced a few more people, and again it's not just for law enforcement but for the protesters themselves,” Citty said.

Citty lauded Dallas Police Chief David Brown for working with his local community to increase police-civilian relations. Citty also said he doesn’t want yesterday’s shooting to overshadow the majority of the productive demonstration.

“This shouldn't be an indictment against peaceful protesters that have a legitimate message and concerns. This should not be a reflection on those individuals who have concerns about law enforcement and wanting us to do our job better,” Citty said.

“We can always do it better.”


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