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Will Rogers World Airport Braces For Holiday Travelers

Storme Jones
As the holiday approaches, TSA officers review banned items collected at Will Rogers World Airport.

As holiday travel ramps up, more than 350,000 passengers are expected to travel through Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City by January 7. Officials from both the Transportation Security Administration and the airport are trying to help make passengers’ rides as smooth as possible.


The holiday season is the airport’s busiest time of year. TSA Oklahoma Federal Security Director Steve Crawford says knowing what not to bring in carry on bags saves a lot of headaches.   


“Unfortunately at OKC we collect about 80 pounds of prohibited items per month,” Crawford said. “We really want to encourage passengers to take a look inside their carry on bags before they come to the airport.”


Recently confiscated items at Will Rogers World Airport include large shampoo bottles, snow globes, and replica hand grenades and firearms.

TSA Holiday Do’s and Don’ts For Carry on Bags

  • Don’t wrap Christmas presents before flights. Some packages may require additional screening, meaning they would have to be unwrapped.
  • Don’t bring these items in your carry on bag; cranberry sauce, creamy dips and spreads, gravy, jams, jellies, or sauces.
  • Don’t bring wine, liquor, or beer.
  • Do bring electronics and large game consoles, just place them in a separate bin when going through TSA screening.
  • Do bring holiday food. Cakes, breads, turkeys, and pies are permitted, although they may be subjected to additional screening.

Travelers can tweet @AskTSA with questions about carry on items.

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