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It was that kind of week at the state Capitol. It was a week when a state senator was called out on the Senate floor by the chaplain during an opening prayer for derogatory comments the senator made against the Vice President of the United States - suggesting, without evidence, that she traded sexual favors for political advancement. The comments drew considerable backlash and prompted an unusual legislative executive session to discuss possible action on the matter. And, that was not necessarily the biggest story of the week. KGOU's Dick Pryor and eCapitol's Shawn Ashley discuss increased partisan polarization occurring over the last several days at the House and Senate in the latest Capitol Insider. 

in this Jan. 26, 2021, file photo, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt talks with the media in Oklahoma City. Holt The mayor of Oklahoma's largest city has publicly received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.
Sue Ogrocki / AP

As of Friday, Oklahoma’s two largest cities have no mask mandate. City officials say they’re shifting their focus away from “stop the spread” and to vaccines.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt delivers his State of the State address in Oklahoma City on Monday, Feb. 1, 2021.
Alonzo Adams / AP

From Day 1 of this year’s legislative session, the state’s executive branch has been hammering its dedication to usher in SoonerSelect.

Oklahoma Delegation Reacts Negatively To Biden’s Joint Session Address

Apr 29, 2021
President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress, Wednesday, April 28, 2021, in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington.
Melina Mara / AP

Members of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation were unified in their opposition to President Joe Biden’s Wednesday address to a joint session of Congress.

Students in caps and gowns sitting in rows at a graduation
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Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law late Wednesday that will require high school graduates in Oklahoma to pass a citizenship test before they can receive their diploma.

NPR Celebrates 50 Years

Apr 27, 2021

This is the Manager’s Minute.  

Loyal NPR listeners see the value in well-sourced and well-told stories from here and around the world.  


Epic Charter Schools Agrees To Major Reforms

Apr 27, 2021
A sign is seen outside of 50 Penn Place in Oklahoma City, where Epic Charter Schools leases 40,000 square feet for administrative use.
Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

Some major reforms are coming to Epic Charter Schools that will keep the virtual behemoth open, following a settlement agreement between Epic and the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter Board on Monday.

Governor Stitt Signs Three Major Anti-Abortion Bills

Apr 27, 2021
Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Several Bills Into Law Monday

The Oklahoma Legislature passed a slew of anti-abortion bills so far this session, and Gov. Kevin Stitt signed three into law on Monday.

Takeaways From Oklahoma’s New Legislative Redistricting Plan

Apr 26, 2021
In this file photo, Oklahoma legislators listen to Gov. Kevin Stitt's State of the State address on Feb. 1, 2020
Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

Oklahoma’s legislative districts are set to look much different for many voters next election season. 

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Republicans hold an overwhelming super-majority in both houses of the Oklahoma legislature. In the House of Representatives, the advantage is 82-19. Democrats have limited influence, but still play a role in the governing process. In this Capitol Insider segment, KGOU's Dick Pryor and eCapitol's Shawn Ashley talk to House Minority Caucus Chair Cyndi Munson, D-Oklahoma City, about the Democrats' approach to the legislative session.

Courtesy Positive Tomorrows

Susan Agel always knew distance learning wasn’t going to work for her students.

The State Capitol
Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

The Oklahoma Senate on Tuesday sent three bills restricting access to abortion to the Governor. If Governor Stitt signs them into law, legal challenges are likely.  

Norman City Council Votes For A Second Time To Divert Nearly A Million Dollars From Police

Apr 21, 2021
Protesters hold signs during a City Council meeting, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, at Norman City Hall.
Photo Courtesy of Kyle Phillips / The Norman Transcript

The Norman city council voted for a second time Tuesday to divert nearly a million dollars from its police department into accounts that could be used for social services. The vote was held to make up for a previous budget invalidated by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Researchers, educators and consultants from Noble Research Institute recently met in the field to learn more about soil health and regenerative agriculture from Understanding Ag, LLC.
Noble Research Institute

The Noble Research Institute is changing its focus from plant science to regenerative agriculture.

police sirens
Highway Patrol Images / Flickr

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law Monday that will take some responsibility for mental health crisis transports away from police.

a school classroom with empty chairs
comedy_nose / Flickr Creative Commons

A group of Republican lawmakers have proposed a school funding plan that will nullify a controversial settlement announced by Oklahoma’s State Board of Education and fix funding disparities between charter and traditional public schools.

Survivors, family members and first responders gather for the Oklahoma City bombing 26th Annual Remembrance Ceremony at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum on Monday, April 19.
Katelyn Howard / KGOU

April 19, 2021 marks the 26th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, one of the deadliest homegrown terrorism incidents in the nation’s history. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke during a remembrance ceremony Monday morning about his key role in the conviction of bomber Timothy McVeigh and the ongoing threat of domestic violent extremists. 

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With just over a month left in the 2021 Oklahoma legislative session, we pause to discuss what it's really like to be a legislator. State Senator Darrell Weaver, (R) Moore, was an agency director before being elected to the State Senate. That gives him unique perspective on the governing process. Weaver tells KGOU's Dick Pryor and eCapitol's Shawn Ashley what really goes on "inside the walls" at the State Capitol in this segment of Capitol Insider.

Epic Charter School Hit With $10 Million In Penalties

Apr 16, 2021
An Epic Charter School administrative office.
Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

Epic Charter School has been hit with more than $10 million in penalties by Oklahoma’s State Department of Education.

Oklahoma’s Hydroxychloroquine Shipment Took A Detour To A Pryor Pharmacy

Apr 16, 2021
Oklahoma's $2.6 million shipment of hydroxychloroquine, once touted as a promising treatment for COVID-19, was shipped to Beggs Pharmacy in Pryor last year. The pharmacy stored the drug for several months before it was sent to a warehouse in Oklahoma City
Rip Stell / Oklahoma Watch

It’s been a long, strange trip for Oklahoma’s $2.6 million shipment of hydroxychloroquine, bought a year ago as a once-promising treatment for COVID-19.