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NPR+ Podcast Bundle

Support KGOU and get NPR+ as our way of thanking you.

What is the NPR+ podcast bundle?

NPR+ is a special collection of podcast benefits that includes bonus episodes and sponsor-free listening for some of NPR’s most popular national podcasts. This means you can listen to podcasts like the best of Car Talk, Fresh Air or Code Switch with no inserted sponsor breaks, and you can even enjoy bonus episodes and behind the scenes content for shows like Planet Money and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!! You can see all of the included podcasts on plus.npr.org.

Podcast graphics for 1A, All Songs Considered, alt.latino, Car Talk, Code Switch, Consider This, Embedded, Fresh Air, It's Been A Minute, The Indicator, Life Kit, NPR News Now, NPR Politics, Planet Money, Planet Money Summer School, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Short Wave, State of the World, Sunday Puzzle, TED Radio Hour, throughline, Trump's Trials, Up First, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!

How do I get the NPR+ podcast bundle?

Current sustaining donations of $8 per month ($96 annually) or more will receive an email invitation to access the NPR+ podcast bundle, usually within a couple of weeks. To get immediate access to the NPR+ podcast bundle, you may make a new recurring donation to KGOU through our special NPR+ donation page at kgou.plus.npr.org.

Does the NPR+ podcast bundle support KGOU?

100% of your tax deductible donation, made through either our NPR+ signup page or our online pledge form, will go directly to KGOU.

I’m already a donor to KGOU, do I get access to the NPR+ Podcast Bundle automatically?

As of Nov. 1, 2023, yes! We are working to allow existing sustaining donors access to NPR+ as a benefit without a separate donation, for qualifying contributions made after that date. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the new technology with our partners at NPR.

Have questions or need help?

Find more answers on the sign-up page, or contact our Membership office to learn about the options.