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Three New Piglets Born At Oklahoma City Zoo

Gillian Lang
Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden
Red river hogs in their native habitat burrow into impenetrable vegetation during the day while saving much of their activity for night.

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden now has three new red river hog piglets.

The zoo announced Monday that the piglets were born on April 29. The zoo says the piglets' parents, Divit and Sir David Pigglesworth III, came to Oklahoma City from the Los Angeles Zoo.

The zoo says the red river hogs originate from west and Central Africa:

Red river hogs have attractive red coats with black and white markings that define their name, along with their tendency to wallow in ponds and streams. They also benefit from an acute sense of smell and guests may notice them sniffing in circular motions. At birth, the piglets are a dark brown color with lighter, tan stripes running from front to back. The pattern resembles the markings on a watermelon and is especially helpful providing camouflage for the piglets while they are young.

The piglets can be seen daily in their habitat, which is located next to the zoo's giraffe exhibit.


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