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Senate Committee Approves Refrigerated High Point Beer Bill

K. Graham
Flickr Creative Commons

A Senate panel has passed a measure that would allow liquor stores to sell refrigerated, high-point beer.

The Tulsa World reports Senate Bill 383 by Sen. Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, advanced from the Senate Business and Commerce Committee by a vote of 10-0 and heads to the Senate.

Bice was asked if the measure would create an unequal playing field because some liquor stores couldn't afford to put in refrigeration equipment.

Liquor stores choosing to refrigerate high-point beer could charge more for the product to cover their costs, she said.

Bice sees the measure as leveling the playing field because some stores can refrigerate and sell low-point beer.

The Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores Association opposes the bill, saying it would take business away from them.


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