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Patrick Roberts

KGOU Chief Engineer

A Sapulpa native who grew up in the Oklahoma City metro area, Patrick Roberts serves as KGOU’s Chief of Engineering, maintaining the technical aspects of all stations. Previously, Patrick worked with KOMA-FM, KMGL, and 50,000 watt KOKC (formerly KOMA-AM) for 14 years and served as KRXO’s Chief Engineer.

Since joining KGOU in 2007, he currently spends most of his time under consoles, at transmitter sites, at the workbench, and in front of the computer screen trying to solve problems.

Patrick enjoys FM Broadcast DX (distant station listening) and holds Amateur Radio license KA5ZYM.

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Patrick Roberts / KGOU

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written by former KGOU Chief Engineer David White (1983-2006) and updated in 2013 by Chief Engineer Patrick Roberts (2007-present), and Operations Director Brian Hardzinski.

I'm sure many of you have experienced difficulties in picking up the KGOU broadcast signal at one time or another. Of course, obvious equipment failure in the broadcast transmission chain for KGOU's equipment could create listening difficulties.

However, there are more subtle things that can create occasional reception problems for the listener. FM broadcasting is normally a line-of-sight operation. Unfortunately, there are events in the world of atmospheric physics that can temporarily change this, making the signal nearly or totally un-listenable. In these cases, it is not your radio or KGOU's equipment.