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Planned and Estate Giving

Planning for a future legacy gift to KGOU

When planning your estate, leave a legacy by designating a gift to KGOU.

Listener stories

OU Foundation
Marilyn Nicely (left) and then-General Manager Karen Holp visit at the public radio station, which will one day receive a planned gift from Nicely’s estate. “I listen to KGOU constantly; I don’t know what I’d do without it,” she said.

As a law librarian, Marilyn Nicely spent her career making sure that information is available to the public in perpetuity. Now she is ensuring the same through a planned gift to KGOU Radio.

Nicely’s commitment represents the first-known planned gift to KGOU, said then-General Manager Karen Holp. "We are grateful for Marilyn’s vision and generosity," she added. "An endowed fund will make planning KGOU’s future easier, providing a little more income stability in future years and complementing the fundraising that we do in the regular course of business. We hope Marilyn’s story will inspire more listeners to consider KGOU in their planned giving."

"NPR is so important to my life," said Nicely, who retired from OU’s Donald E. Pray Law Library after 39 years of service. "I listen to KGOU constantly; I don’t know what I’d do without it. In this world, it’s absolutely essential to have good information."

"I realize that KGOU has to raise money every year from listeners through its annual membership drive," she said with a smile. "This is just my way of continuing to contribute from the afterlife." In addition to her planned gift, Nicely is a proud monthly sustainer, understanding the importance of annual support to purchase programming and maintain station operations.

A lifelong commitment to education

Lynn and Jerry Weber at home
Jolly Brown
Lynn and Jerry Weber at their home.

Lynn and Jerry Weber are long-time listeners of KGOU, dating back to the days prior to the station’s affiliation with NPR. Daily commutes turned into valuable learning time according to Lynn. “On those drives I got great value from the ongoing education I received each day. I came to think of KGOU as my friend accompanying me on my daily drive.”

Higher education has been central to the Webers' lives. Jerry served as Dean of University College for more than 20 years, part of his 50 years of service at the University of Oklahoma, and Lynn earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from OU . In thinking about how they might leave a lasting impact they knew they wanted to help those seeking knowledge. That includes student scholarships but also helping inform listeners turning to KGOU for reliable news and information. Lynn explains, “KGOU and NPR provide an important voice of unbiased facts and science-based information, upon which an informed citizenry can base decisions. It is a vehicle for continuing education, for lifelong learning, for an educated population.

“The press is considered the 4th branch of government, holding politicians and pundits accountable, which is critical to an informed populace. Our planned gift in support of KGOU and NPR is a small way we can contribute to the crucial preservation of a healthy and functioning democracy.”

Let KGOU in on your giving plan

For information about planned or estate giving, contact Development Director Jolly Brown at (405) 325-1601.