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How Curious

Oklahoma legends investigated. Heard something you're curious about? Submit questions and suggestions for future episodes to curious@kgou.org.

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  • Gold has attracted various groups to Oklahoma, ranging from Spanish explorers, notorious outlaws like Jesse James and miners during the state's short-lived gold rush. But is gold and treasure buried in Oklahoma?
  • Oklahoma was the last state in the nation to legalize tattooing in 2006. Before then, some residents traveled to surrounding states to get tattooed or set up shop. But why did Oklahoma ban the practice in the early ‘60s?
  • Belle Isle Lake in Oklahoma City was built in early statehood to generate electricity for the trolley system, becoming a premier destination for swimming and boating. But was the lake responsible for reviving one of the most iconic horror actors of the 20th century?
  • Bass Reeves
    How Curious: Was An Oklahoma Lawman The Inspiration Behind The Lone Ranger?
    Bass Reeves, one of the first Black deputy U.S. marshals west of the Mississippi River, is considered among the most prolific law enforcement officers in American history. But was the character The Lone Ranger based on Reeves?
  • how curious graphic.jpg
    "How Curious" Podcast To Return This Fall With New Host
    KGOU’s signature podcast “How Curious” will return this fall with new host and producer Katelyn Howard.
  • Why is there a Putnam City school district in Oklahoma but no Putnam City?KGOU listener Tim Spindle fielded this exact question a while back. He operates…
  • KGOU listener John Potts noticed every auto dealership in the state is closed on Sunday, so he asked How Curious for an explanation. It turns out that…
  • Aviator Wiley Post gained global fame in the 1930s. He was known for smashing around-the-world flight records, but did he also spend time in an Oklahoma…
  • On a special stretch of road near Springer, Oklahoma, it feels like gravity doesn’t quite work-- when you shift a car into neutral gear, you feel like the…
  • KGOU listener Gabe Denton remembers seeing horny toads all the time when he was growing up in Choctaw, but he hasn’t seen one in decades. Denton asked How…