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PM NewsBrief: Dec. 6, 2023

Stillwater Police Search OSU Fraternity In Connection With Dead Longhorn Case

The Stillwater Police Department served a search warrant at the OSU agriculture fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho Wednesday.

Police are investigating how a dead longhorn ended up on the front lawn of one of that fraternity's rivals last week.

Investigators say the animal was suffering from a “natural disease.” Necropsy results should be available soon.

Alpha Gamma Rho released a statement stating it does not condone the behavior.

Officials from the fraternities say they are cooperating with local authorities in the investigation.

Early Voting This Week For OKC Arena Proposal

Early voting begins this week on the proposal for a new arena in downtown Oklahoma City.

Voters will decide whether to use taxpayer funds to build the $900 million arena.

The majority of funds would come from a 72-month penny sales tax that would start in 2028.

Early voting takes place Dec. 7 and 8 from 8am to 6 pm. Counties participating in the Oklahoma City arena vote - Canadian, Cleveland, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie - are holding early voting at their respective county election board offices.

Election Day is Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Kingfisher Residents On The Hook For Lawsuit Settlement

Kingfisher residents are facing up to a 12% tax hike from a settlement in a lawsuit against Kingfisher Public Schools.

The district voted to bill residents for part of it, but the board indicated it would try to pay it off itself.

Monday, the Kingfisher school board voted 4-1 to make its residents responsible for the remainder of the settlement over the next three years.

That means around 5,000 property owners are looking at a $3.75 million bill, plus interest. Estimates say that would mean up to a 12% property tax hike. The district is already paying $1.25 million of the settlement and $1.4 million in legal fees.

Last spring, the board rejected a much smaller settlement proposal of $1.5 million.

It made the recent call to settle, fearing the district would lose its case at trial and have to pay even more.

At this week’s meeting, a board member told residents the district will try to pay off the whole settlement itself, but couldn’t guarantee that.

The lawsuit stems from allegations head football coach Jeff Myers and other coaches encouraged a fight club-like culture of bullying, hazing and abuse - including sexual abuse. Under the settlement, Myers will never coach again at the district. He’s also being charged with criminal child neglect.

Edmond Meal Service Expanding

An Edmond nonprofit is expanding to address the growing demand for food delivery for homebound older adults.

Edmond Mobile Meals told KOCO that it has seen about a 20% increase in the number of meals being served within the last year.

The group is relocating to a new facility to accommodate the surge, with plans to serve about 1,000 meals daily, up from the current 275.

Construction on the new building is expected to start in January.


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