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House Budget Committee To Hear Studies Soon

Oklahoma House

House Appropriations and Budget Committee Chair Scott Martin said he expects the committee to hear interim studies “as quickly as possible.” Martin, R-Norman, said he is looking at the possibility of A&B subcommittees hearing several of the studies, but he has not made a final decision.

“We hope to move as quickly as possible on these interim studies,” Martin said. “The speaker has asked us to hear these studies as soon as we can with respect to our fellow community members and the author of the study.”

Interim studies assigned to the committee range from state employee pay to municipal tax disbursements to efficiencies of law enforcement, reports ecapitol. Martin said all topics are important and he expects each to be a topic next year. 

“I certainly know state employee pay was something that we left on the table as we wrapped up session last year, knowing that a remuneration study was going to be done,” Martin said, adding that currently the study is being conducted. “Again, corrections received lot of attention during the entire session so I’m not surprised that’s out there. It will continue to receive lots of attention because it is an important issue.”

(Report by Emily Summars)

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