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Biden Considers If He Has The Emotional Energy To Run For President


Now let's listen to a politician wrestling with a decision that's both public and very private. Vice President Biden is pondering a run for president, and he addressed that while giving a talk last night in Atlanta.


JOE BIDEN: The most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and I have the emotional energy to run.

MONTAGNE: Joe Biden's son, Beau, died in May of brain cancer at the age of 46. Forty-three years ago, Biden's first wife and baby were killed in a traffic accident. He said it takes time to overcome grief.


BIDEN: And I know from previous experience after my wife and daughter, there's no way to put a timetable on that. If I can reach that conclusion that we can do it in a fashion that would still make it viable, I would not hesitate to do it. But I have to be honest with you and everyone who's come to me, I can't look you straight in the eye and say now I know I can do that.

MONTAGNE: Vice President Joe Biden speaking last night in Atlanta. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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