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Why you should check your voter registration before casting a ballot in Oklahoma's State Question 820 election


In the months leading up to Oklahoma’s election on the legalization of recreational cannabis, Oklahoma purged tens of thousands of voters from its rolls.

In the state’s latest voter purge more than 86,000 voters were removed from the rolls, due to inactivity or duplicate registrations.

The state election board conducts what they call “voter list maintenance” on odd-numbered years. This year, that maintenance wasconducted on Jan. 13 and removed nearly 2,900 duplicate voter registrations and more than 83,000 inactive voters.

Officials removed more than88,000 names from its voter rolls in 2019 - and more than115,000 in 2021.

Voters are removed after not voting in two consecutive general elections or failing to respond to an address confirmation that’s mailed to them by the State Election Board.

Voters who are preparing to cast their ballots next week for State Question 820 should check to see if they are still eligible to vote.

For more information can contact your county election board to confirm your registration status or visit the Oklahoma voter portal.

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Kateleigh Mills joined KOSU in March 2018, following her undergraduate degree completion from the University of Central Oklahoma in December 2017.
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