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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signs disaster relief funding bills into law

Damage from a tornado in Sulphur, Okla. in April 2024.
Anna Pope
Damage from a tornado in Sulphur, Okla. in April 2024.

If there's one thing Oklahoma lawmakers and Gov. Kevin Stitt can agree on when it comes to spending state money, it's that Oklahomans hit by recent tornadoes need relief, and they need it fast.

Stitt signed two expedited bills funding rebuilding efforts across the state on Friday. House Bills 2912 and 2913 create a revolving fund to pay for recent and future emergency and disaster rebuilding needs.

Both bills go into effect immediately.

$45 million will seed the relief program. The money can be used for infrastructure repair, temporary housing and shelter, matching federal relief programs and filling lost revenue gaps.

It's the one thing that's made it through the complete appropriations process, amid a stalemate between the House and Senate leadership teams on a finalized state budget for fiscal year 2025.

Communities across the state have been hit by deadly tornadoes in the past month, with devastating damage left behind in towns like Sulphur, Marietta and Barnsdall.

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Lionel Ramos covers state government for a consortium of Oklahoma’s public radio stations. He is a graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos with a degree in English. He has covered race and equity, unemployment, housing, and veterans' issues.
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