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1968: 50 Years Later – Part 2: A Party Divided

Jun 24, 2018

The year 1968 will long be remembered for its political and social upheaval. As Americans reeled from the assassinations of two prominent leaders and sentiment deepened against the Vietnam War, politicians from both parties struggled to respond to aggravated constituents and build consensus.  

Join Ken Rudin for 1968: 50 Years Later, a special three-part series looking back on the dramatic political events of 1968. Ken speaks with journalists, historians, and several key figures of the time to reflect on how it all affected the two major parties and the country, and explore how those events continue to shape politics today.   

Part 2 of this series focuses heavily on the 1968 Democratic National Convention and surrounding events. Anti-Vietnam War demonstrators and police clash violently in the streets. The Chicago Eight are charged with conspiracy and incitement to riot. Meanwhile, inside the hall, floor fights between establishment and anti-war delegates threaten to tear the party apart. Vice President Hubert Humphrey secures the nomination despite having not competed in any primaries. 


* Programming Note:  Pt 3 of this series will air on July 8th.