Challenges To Ethical Journalism In 2017

Jun 20, 2017

Colorado Public Radio recently brought together a panel of news professionals in Denver to talk about journalism ethics. While a number of topics were touched upon, the allotted 90 minutes was hardly enough time to explore the many questions about how NPR and CPR journalists approach their work.

I joined NPR Code Switch reporter Adrian Florido, CPR Vice President of News Kelley Griffin, NPR Standards and Practices Editor Mark Memmott and CPR board member Bob Steele, of the Poynter Institute, in a lively discussion led by Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. We discussed many of the topics that have come up in recent Ombudsman columns — from the challenges of live interviews when guests offer up misleading or false information, to diversity in the newsroom — as well as some new ones, such as when it is appropriate to offer anonymity to a source being interviewed.

Colorado Matters recorded audio from the evening, and fielded questions submitted by audience members after the event. A condensed version of the discussion, and the follow-up questions and answers, can be found here.

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