Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates The Status OF "Free Speech" At Colleges

Mar 27, 2016

IQ2: "Free speech is threatened on campus"
Credit Gillian Blease, Getty Images / Intelligence Squared U.S.
Student-involved protests seem to be erupting at increasing rates on university campuses across the country. To many, these students are speaking out against various injustices that have long been manifested in "unwelcoming", sometimes "hostile" environments. But to critics, many of these students have gone too far, creating an atmosphere of intolerance for opposing or unpopular points of view.  Are the protestors silencing free speech, or are they just trying to be heard? And are the universities responding by defending free speech, or by suppressing it? On the March 27th edition of the Sunday Radio Matinee, KGOU presents the latest Oxford-style debate from Intelligence Squared U.S.. Listen as IQ2's John Donvan leads an esteemed group of panelists in a debate for and against the motion: 'Free speech is threatened on campus.' 

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