More Than 2,000 Bills Filed For 2015 Oklahoma Legislature

Jan 24, 2015

Oklahoma House of Representatives Chamber

Oklahoma lawmakers will have more than 2,000 bills and resolutions to consider when they convene next month.

Thursday afternoon was the deadline for filing bills to be considered by the 2015 Oklahoma Legislature. Legislative officials say 1,219 bills and 26 joint resolutions were filed in the House. A total of 815 bills and 32 joint resolutions were filed in the state Senate by the deadline.

New rules adopted by the Senate allow for substantive legislation to be introduced after the filing deadline. Legislation must be heard in committee and then on the Senate floor within the first six weeks of the session if a member wants it to be considered during the current session.

Twelve bills, HBs2220 to 2231, were filed after Thursday’s deadline, according to House records. The House has not formally adopted its rules for the session, but previous rules permitted the speaker to waive certain deadlines.

The Legislature will convene on Feb. 2. Lawmakers are constitutionally required to adjourn by May 29.


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