"Net Neutrality" Rules Considered by FCC

Jul 17, 2017

This is the Manager’s Minute.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a change in Internet regulation that will affect online users. It’s about what is commonly called “net neutrality.” It is also sometimes referred to as "open internet" and "internet freedom."

In May, FCC commissioners filed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that started a period of public comment. The comment period just ended (on July 17), and replies are due by August 16th.

New FCC rules under consideration would reverse a 2015 decision that increased government regulation and required internet service providers to charge the same rates to everyone.

Those who want the rules kept in place, fear de-regulation will result in slower, less reliable internet service and fewer choices for those who cannot pay as much.

Those who favor changing the rules want to allow people who can pay more to get faster service and access to more sites.

It’s a complicated issue, so I’ve posted informational links on our website,

Until next time, with the Manager’s Minute, I’m Dick Pryor.

The first link is NPR's comment regarding the proposed FCC action:

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