Political Megadonor Tom Steyer Isn't Slowing Down

Sep 26, 2018

When you’re thinking about money in politics, you’re probably thinking the Koch Brothers and Citizens United.

But the single biggest donor in American politics is a Democrat: Tom Steyer. He put in around 90 million dollars during that campaign and is now funding a $20 million dollar advertising push that advocates for the impeachment of President Trump. That’s probably where you’ve seen him lately.

Steyer made his money in hedge funds. He mostly focuses on “60 competitive congressional races that could give Democrats control of the House,” according to The Washington Post. And he plans to spend around $120 million this year.

With the future of deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein in question, reports have suggested that Steyer might change his focus to competitive Senate races as well.

After such a big loss in 2016, what’s Steyer’s strategy for victory in the midterms?

Show produced by Amanda Williams, text by Gabrielle Healy.


Tom Steyer, Billionaire liberal activist; founder and president of the super PAC NextGen America and Need to Impeach; @TomSteyer.

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