Post-Holiday Coronavirus Surge Likely In Oklahoma | KGOU

Post-Holiday Coronavirus Surge Likely In Oklahoma

Dec 30, 2020

As Oklahoma rounds out the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, residents have come to expect post-holiday spikes in case counts. After every major holiday, such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day, daily new cases of the virus doubled statewide.

Health officials are warning that the spike after Christmas could be even more dangerous. It will take place at the height of the pandemic’s third and worst wave in Oklahoma.

"Most of us believe that in 10 days to 14 days, we're going to see a substantial surge in the number of cases in Oklahoma. 10 to 12 percent of those people are going to end up in a hospital," said Dr. Dale Bratzler, an executive at OU Health and the University of Oklahoma’s chief COVID officer. "So I think we're going to be really challenged in the next few weeks."

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