SLIDESHOW: Oklahoma City Public Schools Students Walk Out Over Budget Cuts

May 16, 2016

Students in Oklahoma City Public Schools are upset with the budget cuts their district is facing, and many walked out of school Monday in protest.

About 600 students at U.S. Grant High School rallied in the parking lot and chanted, “No ifs, no buts, no budget cuts” in protest of the district slashing $30 million from the budget. Protests also broke out at several other campuses.

"We don’t want budget cuts," senior Christopher Black said. "We want more funding to our education; to the future of America."

Junior Cassidy Coffey organized the protest using Facebook. She says she wants state leaders to know her education is being affected. 

"One day being taken out of class is nothing compared to my whole next year and everyone else’s years being taken from them because of overcrowded, lack of teachers, because of lack of staff," Coffey said. "One day can make a difference for the rest of my days."

Principal Greg Frederick says the protests were not supported by the administration, but he feels for the cause.

Our students will experience significant changes in their education for next year,” Frederick said. “Our school in particular was cut 20 teachers, and that’s all due to budget cuts.”

He said he wishes kids had spoken with legislators instead—what he calls the source of the problem.