Students Chant 'Save Our Schools' During Protest March To Capitol

May 18, 2016

For the second time this week Oklahoma City Public Schools students protested budget cuts to their education, but this time they marched all the way to the state Capitol.

It was mostly kids from the Classen School of Advanced Studies, a public magnet school for kids interested in the arts. Some of their school programs, like guitar and piano, are being eliminated or reduced due to the state budget crisis.

The students marched 2.5 miles their school to the state Capitol to speak with legislators. 

"The point of it all is we want to show the legislators the impact of the decision they have to make next week," said Classen SAS senior Thomas Massenat, who organized the protest. "We want them to know budget cuts are hurting our future and our generation."

Massenat tried to speak with Gov. Mary Fallin, but she was not available at the time. He also had a list of legislators he wanted to speak with. 

Over 1,000 students across multiple Oklahoma City campuses protested the budget cuts on Monday.