Talking Weather with Gary England

Aug 4, 2017

You may have heard a familiar voice recently on KGOU.

He’s an Oklahoma broadcasting legend, Gary England.

For more than forty years Gary was chief meteorologist at KWTV – predicting the weather with his folksy charm and keeping Oklahomans advised about severe and violent weather.

Oklahomans trusted Gary England to keep them safe, and they still can.

Now, he works out of the University of Oklahoma, and provides his unique weather insights on KGOU.

In his special segments with KGOU news director Jacob McCleland, Gary will explain the history of Oklahoma storms, weather trends and events, and the science behind meteorology and forecasting.

Consider it a master class on weather, from the master meteorologist, Gary England.

Until next time, with the Manager’s Minute, I’m Dick Pryor.