Thank You!

May 18, 2017

This is the Manager’s Minute.

KGOU’s spring fundraiser was a resounding success.

We’re still adding up the numbers, but this is already the best spring fundraiser in KGOU history.

Fourteen hundred people contributed, including more than 350 new members.

That shows significant growth.

And so does the total money raised.

Contributions are close to $200,000, an increase of more than 32 percent from Spring, 2016.

This means more and more people are making KGOU part of their lives and daily routine.

Your donation shows you appreciate the work we do.

And there is still time to give.

Just go to and make your contribution to push that total even higher.

Private financial support allows KGOU to be an independent, reliable source of news and information.

That’s why we say KGOU is powered by people….like you.

Thank you very much.

Until next time, with the Manager’s Minute, I’m Dick Pryor.