Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz Formally Charged, Trial To Begin Next Year

Nov 11, 2015

Former Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz goes on trial for two misdemeanor charges Jan. 20.

Prosecutors led by District 11 District Attorney Kevin Buchanan formally filed those charges today, nearly six weeks after a grand jury issued indictments for them.

"We just dismissed the indictments and filed the informations. They’re identical. There’s no difference," Buchanan said.

That effectively ends the grand jury proceedings that began after a volunteer deputy shot and killed an unarmed man in April. The charges stem from Glanz’s alleged failure to release lawfully requested training records in the aftermath of that shooting and his alleged drawing of a travel stipend while driving a county SUV.

"My hope is that, is that we can have justice and, again, make this city a better city and maybe uncover some secrets that have not been divulged since 1921," said Andre Harris. He's the brother of Eric Harris, the man whose death at the hands of a volunteer deputy sparked the grand jury investigation. 1921 was the year of the Tulsa race riot.

Marq Lewis with We The People Oklahoma, the group that petitioned for the grand jury inquiry, was unsure why Glanz has not been booked.

"We hope that the two [district attorneys] that are representing this case will understand the importance of making sure that things are transparent and making sure that the community is aware and not giving any form of special treatment," Lewis said.

Glanz appeared in court Tuesday but left without comment, avoiding a throng of reporters on the seventh floor.