We've Got Mail! KGOU Listeners' Comments

Jul 18, 2013

Now that the busy-ness has abated somewhat from April's membership drive, May's disastrous storms, and June's end of the fiscal year (where did June go?), I've had some time to look over the correspondence we've received from listeners and members.

Neal Conan leaves the studio to an ovation from NPR staff members.
Credit Kainaz Amaria / NPR

It's no surprise that the bulk of it was regarding the programming changes brought on by NPR's decision to discontinue Talk of the Nation. Many listeners were saddened, and possibly even angry, just like Kathy:

"Love To The Point, good choice to replace TOTN. I am still fuming over the cancellation of TOTN. There really is nothing like it on radio. I do not find locally produced programs with the variety that there was on TOTN."

NPR Ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos has an excellent post full of listener comments from across the country. We at KGOU have discussed the decision with NPR, and if you have strong feelings either way, we urge you to contact NPR as well.

We value listener feedback, both the positive and negative, but nothing brightens our day like a handwritten "love" note. We received this note from a listener whose signature I couldn't quite make out, so I'll just call her (I think it's a she) "K":

"Thank you, thank you for honest, intelligent, well spoken reporting!! You save me every day!"

As wonderful as that is, this next one really got me. It's a typed letter from Lisa Trapani Shumate, General Manager of Houston Public Media, dated May 30 and addressed to Karen Holp:

"Dear Karen,

The Oklahoma network of public broadcasting professionals set the example for all of us regarding service to the community during and following a crisis.

KGOU exemplified courage, passion and endurance by serving the state of Oklahoma and the nation at large with accurate, up-to-date reporting. KGOU, KOSU and NPR demonstrated how well local and national journalists collaborate.

Your station made a difference last week and you set the bar higher for all of us in public broadcasting. I thank you for your leadership and for all the inspiring work you do."

Please keep the comments coming. Your words inspire and challenge us to do our best every day, to overcome whatever daily, monthly or perennial obstacle we face. Your emails, notes and letters remind us who we're doing all this work for, and with, and why we are striving to make a difference. Thanks for writing.