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Have you heard some story about Oklahoma and wondered if it was really true? KGOU's Claire Donnelly gets to the bottom of legends, rumors, tall tales and other curiosities about the state we call home in our podcast How Curious. Are you curious about something? Email Claire at

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Former Oklahoma City mayor George Shirk examines an old stove in the Chinese “city” under Oklahoma City, 1969.
Jim Argo / The Oklahoman

For decades, Oklahoma residents have circulated rumors about a vast network of tunnels under downtown Oklahoma city where hundreds of Chinese immigrants lived at the turn of the century.


KGOU listener Gypsy Hogan asked “How Curious:” did those tunnels really exist?

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Mar 16, 2018

KGOU’s new podcast is called “How Curious.” Hosted by Claire Donnelly, it explores your questions about Oklahoma. If you have a question for “How Curious," email